Creating High Performing Cultures – Gain a greater understanding of what a high performing culture is

and how it contributes to organisational success. We will look into how you can contribute and help

contribute to creating the best high performing culture for your organisation.

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Dealing and Managing Conflict – Limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive

aspects of conflict to yourself, athletes and teams.

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Leading Change – Learn how to Implement Change Powerfully and Successfully within and outside your

organisation. Leading change is traditionally a real challenge for many coaches, managers, athletes and

teams. We will share with you the most successful strategies and techniques to leading change both in

your profession and life.

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Developing a Collaborative Approach – To achieve a greater lasting impact!!

“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far Go Together”

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Developing Excellent Influencing Skills – Being clear on what you want to achieve and how you are going

to achieve it is crucial to your performance as a coach. Whoever you are attempting to influence -:

Managing Up, Colleagues or Athletes – Acquiring, developing and applying the fundamental influencing

skills is a key ingredient in the recipe for success for any coach or manager.

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Maximise your Leadership Potential – Exploring how you can maximise your leadership potential to

achieve high quality results. Everyone has leadership potential but many coaches, managers and leaders

do not fulfil or maximise their leadership potential. This workshop will give you the techniques and tools

to maximise your leadership potential.

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Continuous Improvement – Making small changes to systematically improve quality and performance. It’s

not everything and everyone that needs a revolutionary approach to improve quality and performance.

There are times when a gradual evolutionary approach is more appropriate and therefore more effective.

We will explore different continuous improvement strategies that you can take away and implement

within your organisation.

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Leading Self & Leading Others – Fulfil your potential and then enable others to fulfil theirs to achieve

outstanding results. We will explore how well you know yourself and encourage you to know yourself

from the inside out. Understanding the impact of your key strengths and weaknesses will contribute to

greater self – awareness and leads to improved performance. If you don’t know yourself, how can you

lead yourself and ultimately lead others?

We will look into the latest leadership and coaching theory and share our experiences of leading others in

pressurised environments to achieving outstanding results. We will identify the fundamental factors that

equip coaches and managers to enable people to achieve results that they felt was not possible.

(Duration of Workshop – 6 Hours. Or two Workshops of 3 Hours)


Values – Based Leadership Approach – An excellent insight into the positive impact of

values – based leadership. Gain a greater understanding of the fundamental principles and how to apply

them for maximum impact. Great opportunity to identify your own values set and create a set of values

for your team and players.

(Duration of Workshop – 3Hours)


Identifying & Recruiting Talent – Identify and recruit the best people to make the biggest difference to

you and your organisation. We will explore what to look for when recruiting new people by exploring

talent identification and talent recruitment principles. Identifying some of the common mistakes and

successes along the way by both business and sport in this fascinating subject. We will ensure that you

have a greater understanding of how to identify and recruit the most talented people for your team.

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Creating High Performing Teams – high performing companies have high performing teams. The “million

dollar” question is how do you build such a team in your organisation. We will explore what the

fundamental principles are for building high performing teams and help you build your team. We will do

this by giving you all the skills, techniques and strategies that high performing companies and leading

sporting teams use on a regular basis.

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Developing Mental Toughness – In today’s increasingly competitive and pressurised work environment, its

crucial that you develop the mental resilience to be able to cope with the many demands that are placed

on you as a manager and leader. We will explore the ways to develop confidence, self-belief, resilience

and emotional strength to bounce back from set-backs and perform under pressure with a view to achieve

greater results.

(Duration of Workshop – 6 Hours)


Performance Goal Setting – Everybody is aware that goal setting is an important process that contributes

to achieving personal and or organisational goals which ultimately leads to improved performance. We

will explore a number of different goal setting techniques including techniques used by world leading

sporting athletes and coaches who have gone on to achieve great successes on the world stage. We will

work with you to find a goal setting process that works for you.

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)



We all know that giving and receiving high quality feedback is so important in the quest of reaching high

quality performance. In fact Ken Blanchard said that “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”

This workshop we enable you to give individualised high quality bespoke feedback to your team and

colleagues to maximise potential and improve performance!

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Presenting the Best Version of You

Time and time again the great presenters always seem to connect with their audience and land their

message with real impact. Whether giving presentations, public speaking or delivering a talk at a

networking event, the best in the business always present the best version of themselves with belief and

passion. This workshop will give you all the tips, techniques and strategies that make the best so effective

whatever the environment. This workshop will enable you to land your message with real impact and

“Present the best version of you”

(Duration of Workshop – 3 Hours)


Running Effective Meetings to Achieve Maximum Impact

Running effective meetings is crucial for organisations in their quest for sustainable success.

Bringing together key people with a clear purpose, creating opportunities for good, open discussions often

leads to great decision making as well as delivers tangible results. I have to say in my experience this is

easier said than done.

During this workshop we will share with you the skills and techniques of how to run effective meetings for

maximum impact.