This course qualifies delegates as Mental Health First Aid Responders, who will be able to use their knowledge of mental health conditions to promote positive attitudes towards mental health in the workplace. They’ll also play a key role in supporting line managers that are assisting individuals who are returning to work after experiencing a mental illness.

Aim of Qualification

The qualification is aimed at individuals who intend to take on the role of Mental Health Responder, but is also relevant to other employees and managers intending to develop their knowledge of mental health conditions. Please be aware that this course focuses on employees in the workplace and covers subjects that some people may find distressing, including suicide and self-harm. If an attendee feels overwhelmed, they can leave the course at any time.

Course Content:

  • What is mental health?
  • Mental Health Continuum
  • Factors which affect mental health
  • Stigma
  • Stress and stress management
  • Spotting signs of distress
  • Mental health conditions
  • Recovery
  • Take 10 Together – starting a supportive conversation
  • Supporting mental health in the workplace
  • Useful statistics
  • Helpful resources

Assessment Method:

  1. Practical Assessment completed throughout the course
  2. Two Multiple Choice Question Written Assessments

Course Duration:

4 hours

Awarding Body:

Qualsafe Awards

On successful completion an accredited certificate is awarded valid for 3 years