Project Description


Attract young people from all backgrounds to boxing, especially those from groups that have traditionally been hard to reach.


A partnership of boxing foundations Team Mac, JG NextGen, Steel City and Brendan Ingle Foundation have come together, to offer through the Fight for Good initiative, opportunities to try boxing, meet professional boxers, attend events, attend mentoring activities. This initiative is funded by the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit (VRU).


• Support programme of young people affected or a victim of violent crimes

• Community Diversionary Scheme – going into the community and delivering boxing activities

• Workforce Development – offering opportunities for volunteers and participants to enhance their opportunities to gain employment with training and support


The project delivered 75 boxing activity sessions engaging with 150 young people. The Fight for Good team also delivered 6 schools events from assemblies to full take over days engaging with over 700 young people. The project also created 12 new boxing tutors.

The Fight for Good project as recently secured additional funding from the VRU to deliver a Covid 19 response project across South Yorkshire engaging with young people in some of the hardest hit areas of the region.