Project Description

Club Thorne CIC is the new legal entity that has taken over the running of Thorne Colliery FC – a football club that play at step 7 of the national football pyramid.
A new board of directors with different skills and experience lead the CIC as well as being ably supported by the SSS Network.

Thorne Colliery FC has long been a Saturday afternoon ritual for folks attending games, standing on the terrace, cheering on young local players. The club has a very special place in the hearts of local residents and there is still an immense sense of pride when a young local resident pulls on the blue and yellow colours of Thorne Colliery.

As we fast forward to 2020 very little has changed. The old stand still remains, the same band of loyal supporters continue to attend and it continues to provide a social event in the calendar every week for people of all ages and backgrounds. We believe a successful football club both on and off the pitch will lead to a more cohesive and happy community. That is the aim of Club Thorne, using football as a vehicle for social change.