Welcome to the Boxing Blog, I will be mixing my passion of media and boxing to deliver a boxing blog that gives fans a taste of what life is like for boxer’s and the journeys they go on from the training camps to the fight nights themselves. The blogs will feature trainer and fighter interviews along with reports on the action from inside the ring.

In the first issue of this blog we will learn about the journey of Cruiserweight boxer Sonny Taylor and how he hopes to inspire people through boxing and give young people a chance to be a better version of themselves.

Sonny was born in Hull, and whilst coming from a loving family, boredom would lead him to follow the wrong crowd. This would lead Sonny to getting a suspended sentence and having to participate in community service at Vulcan Boxing gym, however this would turn out to be a blessing in disguise. As Sonny who had a bit of experience boxing was spotted by Tommy Coyle the coach at the gym. This led to Sonny turning pro in 2019 and from then on having nine fights all which he has won and five coming by knockout. Sonny has and is the sparring partner of some of the most talented and biggest names in boxing including Tyson Fury, Dilian Whyte, Joseph Parker, Chris Billam Smith and Richard Riakporhe.

Sonny says that boxing has given him a reason to get out of bed in the morning and he wants to inspire young people in the way that boxing inspired him. Sonny is a big supporter of the no more knives campaign by the message trust. Sonny wants to spread this message as far as possible and use his skillset to help young people find a way out of knife crime.

Sonny’s coach Tommy Coyle believes that “ Sonny has something you can’t train into a fighter and that’s heart.” He will be looking to showcase his heart and dangerous knockout power in his upcoming fight at Wakefield’s Lightwaves Leisure and Community centre on Saturday 22nd July in his 10th pro fight.

Sonny is looking for sponsors, if you have been inspired by Sonny’s story or know someone who might want to sponsor him for his upcoming fight then don’t hesitate to email Justask@mediamgmt.co.uk.